Sunday, January 16, 2005

Busy yesterday

I got some cleaning done and started cleaning out Hanna's old baby things.. won't need most of them with a baby boy coming! I am giving all the girl stuff to a friend of mine who is due right before me.. then if we have a girl instead of the boy we're think we're having she said she will give it back. LOL
Watched "Double Jeopardy" yesterday- I love that movie. I found the DVD for 5.99 at Best Buy after Christmas! I was so excited.
Not much planned for today, have got church then have to go to Walmart. :-P Then hopefully I can finish cleaning out the baby stuff. And hopefully I will get some stitching time in.. didn't get much yesterday!

1 comment:

Jersey Mom said...

How's the John Deere pattern coming along? How's your week been? Hope it's not too cold there!

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